Whole School Dodge Ball Competition

Lesson: Physical education

Monday 18th March 2019

So we started the week with a whole school dodge ball competition. The morning started with team games between the children in EYFS, year 1 and year 2. 

The children in EYFS also had the opportunity to develop their dodge ball skills, before the game, by playing some target shot games. After this dodge ball was in full swing.

The half time winning team played the teachers, who had spent the weekend training for the event! Unfortunately, despite all of their training the children took the winning position!

After a short break KS 2 joined the competition. There was some fantastic sporting attitudes and team work displayed throughout the KS2 games. They too played the teachers but again the teachers were subjected to another loss. 

All of the children had a thoroughly enjoyable morning developing sporting skills and making memories.

First place went to the Green Pears, well done!

But it goes without saying today we were all winners.


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