What Parents and Carers Say

We valiue the feedback you give us on  Parent View: https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/ but also note that not many parents choose to provide feedback in this way. We therefore use the results of on our own annual survey and the feedback you give us through the year to help inform our work and decision making.

The Parent/Carer surveys from Summer 2018 told us that our school is valued for:

  • standard of teaching being high
  • having kind and considerate children
  • the family feel of the school

We will continue to meet the targets you set us last year as we have been doing wel with this by provising a calendar of events for the whole year and we will also cosider our clubs and approaches to homework tasks.


The Parent/Carer Surveys from Summer 2017 (30 responses) told us that our school is valued for:

  • being friendly and welcoming
  • its community spirit
  • the dedication of all the staff

“I value the way all staff support each and every child and also the families."

"I like the fact it is a small school and everyone knows everyone."

"The children are well-behaved and the teachers always have time for you."

"You get help when you need it, not just for education."

"I love coffee mornings and seeing all the children do different things, I also love Family lunch."


The surveys also tell us that parentscarers would like us to:

  • arrange some events later in the day so working parents can attend
  • ensure our communication about events allows ample time to organise days off or buy accessories/arrange sponsorship for the event
  • Maintain our trips and visits and involve parents in more open afternoon events




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