Sporting Ethos

At Westminster we love sport!

We believe that the core principles of sport and exercise are fundamental to a child's overall development. Team work, determination, perseverance, commitment and achieving goals are all instilled through our P.E.curriculum, extra-curricular activities and day to day attitude. 

We are proud to be members of the Cheshire Oaks Schools Sports Partnership and frequently take advantage of the opportunities it provides to represent our school and take part with others in a friendly and constructive setting. Through this program, in 2015, we established two school sports ambassadors. Ollie and Charlie did a great job throughout their time in year 5 of helping to raise the profile of sport around the school by modeling the fair play, enthusiasm and determination that we seek to foster in every one of our pupils. We have now expanded this program to include Ollie and Charlie in year 6 and have elected Lee and Ruby from year 5. We look forward to continuing to work with our sports ambassadors to ensure that sport, exercise and a healthy lifestyle continue to have a high priority for pupils and staff alike.

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