Our Vision

At Westminster Community Primary School, we believe that the teaching and learning of science should be relevant to the children in our care and should not only meet the needs of the National curriculum but should also be exciting and enjoyable. We strive to ensure that the curriculum, enthuses, engages, enriches and motivates, developing in each child, curiosity and excitement of the world in which they live.


Science is an investigation of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the world which relies on first hand experiences and on other sources of information. The scientific process and pupils’ problem-solving activities will be used to deepen their understanding of the concepts involved. The main aspects of science to be studied will be determined by the programmes of study in the National Curriculum 2014.

Through science, pupils at Westminster Community Primary School will deepen their respect, care and appreciation for the natural world and all its phenomena.


  • To develop pupils’ enjoyment and interest in science and an appreciation of its contribution to all aspects of everyday life.

  • To build on pupils’ curiosity and sense of awe of the natural world.

  • To use a planned range of investigations and practical activities to give pupils a greater understanding of the concepts and knowledge of science.

  • To introduce pupils to the language and vocabulary of science.

  • To develop pupils’ basic practical skills and their ability to make accurate and appropriate measurements.

  • to develop pupils’ use of computing in their science studies.

  • To extend the learning environment for our pupils via our environmental areas and the locality.

  • To promote a ‘healthy lifestyle’ in our pupils.

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