School Council

Here at Westminster Community Primary School, we believe it is very important for ALL children to have a voice and feel as though their views and opinions count.

In the Autumn Term, each class from Reception to Year 6 holds an election to find their class representative.

Each councillor has to ensure that the views of all of the children in their class are heard. They work hard to find ways of collecting the ideas and suggestions of the rest of the school by having:

  • class votes
  • a notebook to record the views of others
  • suggestion boxes
  • posters
  • questionnaires
  • meetings 

Our school council is led by Mrs Spain and Mrs Phillips. Meetings take place once a month to talk about any issues that have been raised by the children in each class.

If you have any ideas about how we can make Westminster Community Primary School a better place, then speak to your class councillor today!

Meet our School Council 

School Council meeting - 16th October 2018


Year 6 - Charley  & Amber 

Year 5 - Harry 

Year 4 - Jake  & Alex 

Year3 - Thomas  & Reggie 

Year 2 - Kayla  & PJ 

Year 1 - Corey 

Reception - Alex 

Job roles.

Amber has been elected as the Chair for the school council, her role was discussed and she is happy with this new challenge.

Charley has been elected as the elected as Secretary, she is looking forward to this new role.

Harry and Abby  have been elected as joint treasures, they were pleased to be given this role as a pair and are looking forward to helping with any future fundraising.

Rotary Shoe Box Appeal.

A discussion was held around the above appeal, all the school council members believe this to be a very worthwhile cause and are happy to help to facilitate this. Charley has asked if we could possible make up an extra box to be sent to our partner school in Uganda - this will be discussed at the next meeting when KS has made enquiries. Jake asked if he could take a box home to fill as a family as he had taken part in this last year. It was agreed if an adult from home spoke to KS before a decision was confirmed, several members have shown an interest in this. The council will share this in assembly after half term and speak with Governors and staff to ask for their help with the donating towards a box. Charley and Amber will help put together a list of items to be donated and speak to Miss Hughes for her help putting this on the newsletter after half term.

School Fair & PTA meeting. (6th November)

School council will be meeting with the PTA on November 6th. They will discuss the fair and how they could help with organisation. The council are going to discuss the possibility of having a stall ran by themselves to make some funds for their account.

At our next meeting we will meet with Maria to discuss a new snack menu.

( a time to be scheduled with KS, TP and MW)

Date for next meeting – 5th November..

Following the meeting with School Council and Maria the School Council have agreed on the following snack menu. They hope the children enjoy it as much as they enjoyed making their choices.


Cheese on toast + drink 60p

Tea cake +drink 60p


Mini cheese pizza + drink  60p

Crumpet + drink  60p


Mini cheese panini + drink 60p

Toast + drink  60p


Fruit bagel + drink  60p

Plain bagel + drink  60p


Bacon sandwich + drink £1

Crumpet + drink  60p


What makes a Good School Councillor 

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