Phonics and Early Reading

Children's early reading skills start with phonics.  Phonics plays a big part in helping children to work out words for themselves.  Children learn phonemes (sounds) and the corresponding graphemes (letters which make the sounds). We help children to recognise the phonemes in words by segmenting and blending.  We make phonics sessions very fun, exciting and active.  We encourage actions, robot arms, phoneme frames and sound buttons to support the children's learning process.

If you need support with the phoneme sounds, please take a look at the video below or talk to a member of staff.

Children are given key words, flash cards and alien words to learn.  Please take the time to learn these at home.  


Phonics Screening Check

In Year 1 children have to take the Phonics Screening Check.  This assesses whether the children can segment and blend phonemes in words correctly in order to read.  The check consists of 40 words; 20 pseudo words (non-real/alien words) and 20 real words.  The check is on a 1:1 basis and children must do the check independently. The Phonics Screening Check takes place in June.

The video below is an example of a Phonics Screening Check - take a look:


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