Futures Month

What started out as an initiative that we called 'Futures Day' has now turned into 'Futures Month'. The purpose of 'Futures Month' is to enable our children to meet a range of visitors who share their life stories and tell us about their careers and aspirations.

Our children are encouraged to have a Plan A and a Plan B and explore goal setting throughout their time at our school and we are always proud of their interest in other people's careers and the questions that they ask.

Our 2018 event started well with Fiona Parker visiting us from the Proud Trust as our first speaker. During the talk we were able to listen to a personal life journey whilst being encouraged to reflect on our own chances, challenges and changes. Chances may only come round once, it is good to challenge yourself and change is natural and should be embraced. Instead of asking 'What if it goes wrong?' ask 'What if it goes right?' Do one thing every day that challenges you. Talk to people and ask for help if the change is 'too much'.

A team of 4 from Liverpool Football Club also visited us and shared their career paths with us. We extended our knowledge of the range of jobs that people can be employed for at the Football Club and got to hear lots about the players and the Club itself. One parent stated "Wow, the Champions League Cup right here in Westminster" and I am very glad she got to see it as well as our children.

We have also learned from Sally who gave us a talk about living with cerebral palsy and Felix who came to tell us about his twaekwondo work and how he is also a professional dancer.

Two students from UCEA, Zoe and Liam, have visited to talk to us about what happens during secondary school education and to tell us about how they approached their possible options for the next stage. They are both going to university, but were able to tell us about different paths that young peple take. One of the questions they answered was: "What key piece of advice would you give to our pupils who are just about to start secondary school?" We loved their answers... Get a pencil case and be yourself.

If you are able to offer us 20 minutes of your time to enhance our children's understanding of the world of work please do get in contact - you can email head@westminsterprimary.cheshire.sch.uk.

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