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Our Team Sports photographs 2021-2022

2021 continued to be unusual in the way that we all had to adapt to life with COVID, and our sporting activities were no different.   This academic year, we hope to get back to more a usual feel, with face to face sporting events against our neighbouring schools starting up again.   We thoroughly enjoyed our first sporting gathering in the first few weeks of term as our Year 6s joined other schools for a Rugby Festival at a local venue.  The children had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We hope to enjoy more of these experiences as the term progresses so watch this space for updates. 


Year 5/6 Boccia and New Age Kurling - December 2021

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Whole School Dodgeball Tournament - December 2021





Year 3 Boccia - December 2021


Y3 Boccia winners.jpg



Year 6 Rugby Festival - September 2021




Rugby5.JPG  Rugby7.JPG



Our Team Sports photographs 2020-2021

The years 2020 and 2021 have been unusual one to say the least, and we have had to adapt our sporting activities accordingly.  This academic year, our matches, games and tournaments have been done in year groups.  Thanks to our Sports Coordinator, we have been working our way through the Winter and Summer Sports Challenges which consist of a variety of different sporting challeges in Rugby and Quick Sticks Hockey.  You can find the challenge instructions as downloadable files if your child wants to have a go at them at home.  We would love to hear if you do! 

As well as those activities, we have also been having fun with Football, Boccia, Rounders, Tennis and a number of other activities.  You can see our winning teams for these below. 


Year 4 Rounders - May 2021

Rounders Y4.jpg


Year 4 Gymnastics  May 2021

Gymnastics Y4.jpg


Year 4 Athletics - June 2021

Athletics Y4.jpg


Year 4 Tennis - May 2021

Tennis Y4.jpg


Year 6 Boccia - November/December 2020

Year 5 Boccia - November/December 2020

Year 4 Boccia - October/November 2020


Year 4 Football - October/November 2020



All of our Sports Team Photographs 2019-2020


Mini Basketball Competition at TEPEC (Year 5/6) - March 2020



Rage Fitness Sessions (January through to July)


Dance Event at TEPCEC Feb 2020 (We came first!)


Visit from Athele Craig McCann and the Sportivator (whole school engagement session) - January 2020


Xmas Sports Festival - December 2020 (TEPCEC)



Sports Ambassadors Dodgeball Training October 2019


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby September 2019


All of our Sports Team Photographs 2018-2019

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby September 2018



Quicksticks Hockey October 2018



Year 3/4 Multiskills November 2018



Year 3/4 Football Tournament November 2018


Dodgeball, Boccia and Curling


Sports Afternoon 2019

Mrs Birt worked with our Sports Ambassadors and our Heads of School to organise us a successful Sports Day on May 22nd 2019. The races were popular as always and it was good to see so many family members joining in for the races at the end. Our teachers race seemed to add a little entertainment to the half-time oranges!


Multi Skills Event - 25th June 2019

Miss Smethurst and Year 2 had a lot of fun at the Multi Skills event this week. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoyed trying out all the different sporting activities. 


Year 5/6 Dodgeball Competition - 25th June 2019

It was a busy sporting day for Westminster as Years 5 and 6 were also competing in a friendly Dodgeball competition with our neighouring School, Cambridge Road.  We played against one another and then enjoyed some mixed team games to round off the event. Well done everyone and a big thank you to our Cambridge Road hosts who agreed this can now become an annual event.


All Stars Cricket - 26th June 2019

Our final sporting activity this week has been an All Stars Cricket tournament where Years 3 and 4 played against each other and other local Schools at TEPEC.  The children really enjoyed trying out a new sports and competed very well. 


All of our Sports Team Photographs 2017/18

Whole School Sports Day -

The whole school performed marvellously during a very warm sporting afternoon. There was great celebration of every child's achievement and our Year 5/6 sports team were supremely organised and a great help to Mr Bartlett and Mrs Birt to ensure the whole day ran smoothly. The winners were Diamonds but each house had immense pride in the effort and ability on display.

Quad Kid Athletics - 

Our year 5/6 team had been practising for weeks as part of their after-school club and they were able to demonstrate the excellent skills they had developed. Particularly impressive were Leighton and Adam in the 800m they gave 100% right until the very end. 

Year 5 and 6 Ultimate -

Our year 5 and 6 class really enjoyed their Ultimate taster session. Some wonderful athleticism in the sun! The key skills of communication and teamwork were a big focus for this session and the children really grew in confidence by trying something new.

Year 2 Multi-Skills Event -

The whole of year 2 enjoyed a unique sporting experience at EPSV. The hall was divided into quarters with different activities in each section. The children displayed excellent fundamental skills and enjoyed display them in front of schools from the local area. We were particularly impressed with the cup stacking ability of the children. Well done year 2. 

Year 1/2 Mini-Kickers Football - 

Benjamin, Reggie, George, Tyler, Daisy, Kacper, PJ, Laiyla, Eloise and Ella all put in a marvellous performance at this inter-school football event. Mrs Birt and I were particularly proud of Reggie and Kacper's respect and work ethic. Keep up the practise, everyone, and we will be even higher next year!

Year 5/6 Basketball -

Jacob, Leighton, Tom, David, Logan, Adam, Dawid, Catie, Olivia and Lee were tremendous at their basketball tournament. They won all but one of their matches and progressed into the third place play off. They came fourth overall and really did our school's basketball reputation proud. Superb effort! 

Year 5/6 Cheshire Phoenix Training and Matchday -

I was proud as the P.E. lead to take our squad to the EPSV for a Sunday training session. We got experience the profesional basketball court and trained some key skills. We then also enjoyed watching a professional match and we were even lucky enough to have players from the team stick around to sign autographs for us. 

Year 4/6 Football -

A fabulous but very windy day was enjoyed at the EPSV by a great squad of year 4 and 6 players. Lee, Maks, Logan, David, Dawid, Tom, Jacob, Adam, Sydney, Daniel, Aaron, Jake, Wiktor, Lilly, Madison and Morgan showed great teamwork and courage during the matches and great sportsmanship by cheering on others and shaking hands after each match. Well done, everyone!

Year 5/6 Dodge-ball - 

Reggie, Dixy, David, Jimi, Ryan and Maisy had a great time at the dodge-ball festival. Despite a few bumps and bruises the children showed great determination and team spirit as they supported each other through every match. Well done, everyone!

Year 3/4 Football -

Katelyn, Shaun, Aaron, Jake, Archie, Riley, Madison and Levi braved the battering rain and organised themselves wonderfully using excellent formations and teamwork. They rotated through the positions and really impressed the coaches and organisers. 

Year 5 and 6 Cheshire Phoenix Basketball Training -

The wonderful athletes and coaches from Cheshire Phoenix Basketball came to our school to coach basketball skills and encourage various healthy lifestyle skills. The children had a marvelous time, picked up new skills and felt inspired to compete. We will be working closely with the coaches to select our basketball squad for competitions so watch this space! 

Year 5/6 Football Cup -

Lee, Tom, Matthew, Adam, Leighton, Jacob, Maks, Oliver, Dawid, Michael and Logan all performed marvellously at the Cheshire Schools Cup. We won three games and lost one and finished second in our group, one point away from the final! Well done everyone! 

Quick Sticks Hockey - Year 5/6

Jacob, Tom, Dawid, Adam, Matthew and Leighton showed great sportsmanship and skills at the Quickstick hockey competition. Particularly impressive were Jacob's sensational skills, at one point throwing himself to the floor to save a goal at the last possible moment! Well done, everyone!

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival -

Jacob, Matthew, Leighton, Dawid, Adam, Tom, Ruby, Charley and Logan made it a great start to our new sporting year by representing us at the rugby megafest. The children were impressive as a group display enthusiasm and determination to improve. There was also indivudual succes as Tom was given the award for best indidual effort of every pupil at the event (over 100 pupils!). Well done everyone!



Highlights from 2016/17

All of our Sports Team Photographs 2016/17

Sports Day 2017!

The whole of the school gathered with great excitement for our annual Sports Day. The children encouraged their team mates and the standard of sporting achievement was high! It was a thrill to have so many grown ups turn out to join in the spirit of the games. A special thank you to our sports ambassadors Charlie, Ollie, Leo, Kieran, Lee and Ruby who organised and officiated the events helping the day to run very smoothly. Also a big thank you to house captains who ensured all members of their team were prompt and orgainised for their events as well as all of our grown-up helpers. Well done, everyone!

Sports Day Photographs

The results:

Sapphires: 199 points

Diamonds: 182 points

Emeralds and Rubies: 170 points each

Gymnastics afterschool club and competition - March/April 2017 -

A team of year 4 and year 6 pupils practised really hard for this competiton. Many of them gave up several lunchtimes to dedicate to extra practise in classrooms as well as four after school sessions to hone their skills. Of 12 schools in attedance our team came 6th. Charley from year 4 also performed in an individual competition and managed to come first overall! She will now go on to compete in the county final. Well done to the whole team and especially Charley for her win!

Everton FC Mini Kickers Year 4 - March 2017 -

The year 4 football squad were relatively inexperienced with football at a competitive level but really enjoyed this experience and worked well as team to ensure that every member felt involved and valued in the team. They took it turns to act as substitutes and we were easily the loudest school shouting encouragement to our team members, what great spirit! 

Mini Basketball Event - March 2017 -

A team of year 5 and 6 pupils, including some of our championship squad, enjoyed and evening of honing their skills and competing against other schools. Charlie particularly impressed with his commitment to the cause, which at one point landed him with a knock on the knee. But that only sidelined him briefly as the team rallied around him and showed that the children from Westminster are determined to succeed. 

Everton FC Mini Kickers Year 5 - February 2015 -

Our team of year 5 footballers displayed superb skills and achieved our best result of the Everton Competitions so far finishing in a close thyroid place. The standard of competition was particularly high and we were really proud of how the team performed.

Street Dance After School Club and Festival - January-February 2017 -

A team of year 4/5s spent many after school sessions on Fridays in preparation for a competitive festival at the UCEA. Working with their dance instructor they designed their own routine and worked hard on perfecting it before the big event. Representatives from our school were their to cheer them on and their coach was particularly impressed with their ability to take on advice and improve.

Change4Life Champions Training - February 2017 -

Our two year 5 sports ambassadors Lee and Ruby were invited to take part in a training session in partnership with Change4Life. We arrived at the venue and children and adults from each school were educated separately before coming together to decide on an action plan. Lee and Ruby have decided on steps that will be taken to improve the diet choices and exercise habits of various pupils and groups within our school. We look forward to what you have planned, well done for representing our school in a polite and courteous way. 

Hoops4Health Tournament - February 2017 -

We worked closely with the players and coaches from Cheshire Phoenix to select a team of ten players to represent our school at a basketball tournament that would involve schools from all over the Cheshire West and Cheshire Area. On the day our team performed superbly and got themselves into the final which took place at half time of a full professional match! With a crowd of 1,000 fans cheering on both schools we felt the pressure but certainly rose to the occasion. It was a brilliant team performance won on a penalty shootout. Particular well done to Ollie for overall performance and securing the clutch win in the penalty shootout and the whole team Charlie, George Tash, Josh, Kirean, Tru, Katie, and Tom. Our first trophy! Hopefully, the first of many to come!

Hoops4Health Training program - January 2017 -

It was an exciting day in school when players and coaches from our local basketball team Cheshire Phoenix came to work with our year 5/6 children. The children were put through their paces with intensive basketball drills and skills sessions as well as discussing healthy lifestyle choices that directly lead to improvement in sporting activity. 

Everton FC Mini Kickers Year 6 - January 2017 -

It was bitterly cold for Charlie, Steven, Andrew, Leo, Lilly, Kirean, Josh, and Ollie but their passion and planning kept them warm during the pause between matches. They worked as team to design game plans throughout the tournament, it was a pleasure to support them although they were able to support and improve each other in a way that made everyone feel included. 

Liverpool FC Training event Year 1- December 2016 - 

Lucky year 1s: Sophie, Thomas, Ronan, Benjamin, George, Charlie, Alisha, Reggie, Tyler, Michael, Oliver, Ethan, Kiera, Nicola, Tyler, and Ciaran enjoyed this unique day with coaches from Liverpool Football club. The coaches had very high expectations of the children and our year 1s were able to exceed these and each coach noted how well the children followed instructions and took on new skills.

Circuits after school club year 4/5 - November-December 2016

This club was an exciting opportunity to improve our aerobic and strength fitness and one of which Leighton, Bethany, Charley, Sophie, Olivia, Jacob, Michael, Adam, Matthew, Logan, and Oliver took full advantage. The children selected their favourite music tracks and these made up our exercise playlist. Sophie, Logan and Olivia particularly impressed me with their consistent effort and determination to improve. Well done everyone! 

Everton FC Mini Kickers Year 2 - November 2016

It was a cold windy afternoon for Daniel, Jake, Leah, Mia, Aaron, Sydney, Kayleigh and Madison but they braved the conditions and represented our school wonderfully. Madison particularly impressed the coaches with her goal keeping skills, well done!

Everton FC Mini Kickers Year 1 - October 2016 

Sophie, Thomas, Ronan, Benjamin, George, Charlie, Alisha, Reggie, Tyler, Michael, Oliver, Ethan, Kiera, Nicola, and Tyler made up a very large contingent of eager and enthusiastic footballers. Although we were disappointed with some of our results the children enjoyed every moment and learned a range of new skills.

Tag Rugby Competition - October 2016

After developing burgeoning skills during the recent festival we utilized the opportunity to put all of our efforts into a competition. Kieran, Steven, Andrew, Tasha, Charlie, Leighton, Holly, Joel, Max, Dawid, Leo, Ruby, and Megan played marvelously and really impressed the coaches with what they had learned. 

Everton F.C. Mini-Kickers Year 3 - September 2016

Our year 3 footballers: Annabel, Harry, Millie, Mya, Shaun, Archie, Riley, Myke, and Lexi had a wonderful time at the Everton FC football competition. They competed against 5 other schools and worked well as a team, developing excellent communication skills. 

Tag Rugby Festival - September 2016 

Members of year 5 and 6 - Megan, Tru, Catie, Ruby,  Dawid, Maks, Kieran, Andrew, Leo, Charlie, Ollie - did an excellent job of representing our school at this amazing, huge event with 14 other schools! They developed their skills and had a great time with the expert coaches.

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