Online Safety

We know that it is important for us to support our children in ensuring they can use the internet and apps in an appropriate manner and keep themselves safe online. We have online safety officers in each class and use the Thinkuknow materials with our children to promote specific messages.

We monitor your child's in-school computer use through the Securus system which sends an alert if any inappropriate material is accessed during the school day. If a Securus Report is generated the child is spoken to and you will be informed if we are concerned about your child's use of the internet.

Internet Matters

Net Aware

Education for a Connected World Document

Teaching Online Safety in Schools

Media Use and Attitudes Report

You can find our Online Safety Policy in our Policy Section.

We ask that you think carefully about how you share your child's image on Facebook and other Social Media and that you do not post pictures that include other children if you have taken a photo of your child at a school event. We like our parents to be 'in the moment' when watching a performance or attending a school event, but also recognise that some people enjoy photographing or videoing their child. Any such images should not be posted on Social Media.

Some apps/websites have an age restriction of 13+ years, but we know that it is useful for our parents to be able to access some guidance so we have provided some links and materials here alongisde the materials we ourselves use in school. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any aspects of online safety, just let us know.

The 02 shop also offers free support to parents with parental controls on phones and ipads and you do not have to be a customer to access this.

Please take time to read the 'Child Safety Online - Parents and Carers Guide below.

Safe use of our website:

  • Children must understand that they can only access the website using their own log-ins
  • Children must NOT share their password with anyone other than a parent
  • Parents can be given their own log-in which allows them to view their child's interactions on the website
  • Uploading any material that could be considered offensive is forbidden
  • Guidelines will be set by the class teacher for participation in class/school blogs and forums, encouraging pupils to comment in a polite and friendly manner
  • We monitor your child's computer use in school, have security measures in place and a fortnightly visit from an ICT technician to support our work

Publishing pupils' images and work

  • Photographs that include pupils will be selected carefully and only pupils who have permission will have their images on the website
  • Pupils’ full names will not be used anywhere on the website

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