Pupil Voice

Pupil voice surveys are underway and carrying these out when we are almost halfway through the academic year feels like a particularly positive time for this work. Last week, I met with three different groupings of children from Key Stage 2 and received feedback from all Year 1 pupils via their teacher, Mr Bartlett.

I love having the opportunity to talk in depth with the children and to review the different aspects of school life. The children engaged well with conversation in the mixed year groupings and provided me with a rich opportunity to find out as much as possible about perceptions of playtime, lessons, safety, healthy lifestyle promotion and general school organisational matters. I am particularly proud of the pupils who reflected not just on their own personal experience, but that of their peers and fellow pupils.

Improvements will now be made to the playground rota as this was discussed in detail and there was a clear need for the playground areas to be timetabled by the day of the week not by morning and lunch playtime slots. New rotas will be introduced tomorrow. We also need to ensure we walk on the left hand side of the corridors so that we can come and go at the same time without getting in one another's way. (Please help us with this next time you are walking in our corridors.)

I will continue my role in facilitating pupil voice conversations between now and half term break and collate the responses for the governors to review.

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