Drip Tanks

I attended a wonderfully inspirational meeting last night with our partner schools on the GAFI project. We had a visit from a special guest from The Drip Project who outlined the work that can be done to support families with rainwater harvesting in Uganda. For the small price of £60 we could fund a tank that would enable a small holding of approximately 10 people to have enough water for watering their crops for a year. Without this crops often fail as critical stages in plant growth cannot be supported with water. I will be inviting someone from the organisation to talk to our children and I believe we would be able to work together to raise enough money for 5 drip tanks and get these in place before Christmas. I think this would make an impressive Christmas present for those 5  families and I look forward to updating you on this. You can find out more by visiting the links on the 'Baha's Story' section of our school website.

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