Year 5/6 2020 - 2021

Miss Dunn

After working in law for ten years I realised that my true passion was teaching, as I had been privileged enough to work as a volunteer teaching English as a second language to young children. Following the successful completion of a Masters in Inclusive Education I then completed my PGCE training at Hull University. My first year of teaching was in a Year 1 class in Hull. In September 2015 I was thrilled to be invited to join the wonderful team at Westminster Primary School. I led the EYFS team when I first joined and I am now deputy head teacher here and enjoying teaching our Year 5/6 class.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time walking, canoeing and gentle bike rides!

My door is always open to parents, so please do not hesitate to pop in.

Mrs Spain

I enjoy my role as a TA at Westminster; I have worked across KS2 and occasionally within KS1. Every day is different, new challenges are met by both children and adults. The residential trips are a great experience, and I have been privileged to attend with all year groups over the past few years. So many children (and adults!) have overcome their fears in so many different ways - I can now sail and support a group of children in a canoe with confidence, so that just shows what we can do if we try!
I am part of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association).
Outside of school, I love to spend time with my family and my three grandsons. Watching and hearing the new experiences they are having makes me a very proud Nan. I enjoy reading, visiting new places, and gardening and have even been known to try a bit of DIY. I also run a disco for people with learning, physical and emotional disabilities every week. I feel very honoured to see the enjoyment people have each week with their ever growing circle of friends.

If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact me - I'll be glad to help.

Miss Smethurst

My name is Miss Smethurst and I am a Teaching Assistant. I started working at Westminster Primary School in May 2016.  I thoroughly enjoy working here and the staff and children make every day enjoyable.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, spending quality time with family, socialising with friends, travelling and baking!

Welcome to the Year 5/6 Class Page  

Year 5/6 is such an exciting and incredibly busy year! There is a lot of responsibility and independence expected from the children, but this is great way to support the year 6 children with their transition up to high school and the year 5 children with their move to year 6. There are key roles to take on, such as being an Equality Officer, a Road Safety Officer, a School Councillor and for the year 6 children - Head of School.

There will be many opportunties for the children to develop their learning throughout the year; school trips, representing their school at events, swimming, working with the Boat Museum to name but a few. 


Spring Term 2021

During this current time, we have been asked to move to remote learning. All of the children's learning can be accessed using Google Classroom. There will be a range of daily live lessons which we encourage all children to attend. All of the work children are expected to complete is uploaded daily and all of the resources for each lesson are available on Google Classroom. Some lessons are run as small groups or 1:1 sessions. 

A timetable is available on Google Classroom which is updated fortnightly.

Most lesson are accessed using google classroom, however 1:1 sessions and small groups will have their own google meet session. Children will recieve these codes each week. 

Throughout the day, unless a live lesson is taking place, a member of staff will be available on google classroom to offer help and support. We encourage parents/carers and children to drop in and ask for help. 

I appreciate these are unusal times, so please contact me if you have any questions.

The Children's Work 

Take a look in our gallery to see some of the children's work. We are so proud of how hard the children are working both at home and at school. Well done everyone!!


We follow the Pathways to Write scheme of work, developed by the Literacy Company. Pathways to Write  is a proven methodology built around units of work which develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through the mastery approach. The units,  provide clear detailed lesson plans and resources, linked to high-quality texts to ensure engaging and purposeful English lessons. Effective teaching strategies to challenge greater depth writers are included within each unit of work.

This term's English book will be Arthur and the Golden Rope 

This can be read on the Epic App - children have been provided with these login details 

Arthur and the Golden Rope, Corebooks

There will be live English lessons on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Each live session includes teacher input and support to complete the written activity. On google classroom each lesson has a full breakdown of what will be covered in the lesson and all of the resources need to complete the activity. Children are exected to complete an individual piece of writing following each live lesson. This is to be submitted daily and will be marked and returned to children before the next lesson 1:1 sessions take place to provide additional support to children who may need it to complete these activities.

Shared Reading:

We follow the Pathways to Read scheme of work, developed by the Literacy Company. Books used in shared reading lessons support and develop concepts being taught in their English lessons.

The book we are using this term in shared reading is: 

Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

Shared reading lessons take place weekly and children work in small groups. 

Each live session includes teacher input and high quality discussions about the text. Lessons focus on the following areas; retrieve, predict, summarise, infer and vocabulary On google classroom each lesson has a full breakdown of what will be covered in the lesson and all of the resources need to complete the activity. Children are exected to complete an independent activity using the text following the live lesson and submit this to be marked before the next lesson. 


At Westminster we follow Power Maths - Power Maths is a UK curriculum mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and nurture confidence in maths. Built around a child‑centred lesson design that models and embeds a growth mindset approach to maths and focuses on helping all children to build a deep understanding of maths concept.  All maths lessons are based on the following areas: numbers and the number system, calculations, solving problems, measuring (including time), geometry (shape, space and measure), algebra, ration and proportion.

Live maths lessons take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The children will be working in small groups this term with either Miss Dunn, Mrs Spain or Miss Smethurst. In total we have 5 small maths groups running daily in order to meet the needs of all children.

Accompanying each live lesson, children have acces to the starter activities which is found on their maths group page on google classroom. The children and teacher will work on these activities together, just as they would if they were in the classroom. Each child has the Power Maths Practice book at home which they complete either indendently or during the live lesson.

On occasion we need to address misconceptions and lost learning, so teachers will use additional resources to support the children's learning. These will always be available on google classroom. 

Power Maths - the whole-class mastery approach that works for ...


Throughout the year, we will be looking to use all 5 ways of being a scientist: research, observing over time, pattern seeking, identifying, grouping and classifying and fair and comparative testing. 

Light | Teaching Ideas

This term will be an opportunity for the children to learn all about light, many of the lesson will be very practical which will allow the children to learn through inquiry. I have ensured that the children at home are able to carry out experiments using everyday household objects too.

Weekly live science lessons will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. During these lessons children will learn new scientific skills and concepts, there will also be an opportunity for children to get involved in experiements during and after live lessons. Each live session includes teacher input and support to complete the activity. On google classroom each lesson includes a full breakdown of what will be covered in the lesson and all of the resources needed to complete the activity. Children are exected to complete the activity following each live lesson and are expected to submit thier work to be marked before the next live lesson. As science is a practical lesson we ask that children submit photographs of their experiments.

Have a look at our science topic knowledge organiser which will give you an idea what the children will be learning.

History and Geography:

Our topics this term is linked to China:The Shang Dynasty, the children will mainly be developing their historical knowledge through this subject. 

Government - Shang Dynasty

Weekly live history lessons wil take place each Tuesday afternoon. Each live session includes teacher input and support to complete the activity. On google classroom each lesson includes a full breakdown of what will be covered in the lesson and all of the resources needed to complete the activity. Children are exected to complete the activity following each live lesson and are expected to submit thier work to be marked before the next live lesson. 

Have a look at our themes topic knowledge organiser which will give you an idea what the children will be learning.



Year 5 & 6 usually enjoy their French lessons in school; why not practise at home.

French Remote - Learning

Religous Education:

Live weekly RE lessons take place on a Thursday. These sessions are led my Miss Smethurst and Mrs Spain. These lessons are very interactive and follow lively discussion and activities around this terms theme: Sikhism 


Understanding Me and My Place in the World:

Live weekly lessons take place on a Thursday. These session are led by Mrs Spain and Miss Smethurst. These lessons are very interactive and follow lively discusion around a topic or theme. 


During this time we will not set formal homework other than reading, practicing your spellings and tables.

However we will throughout the term include a day of activities linked to our history topic. This will be an opportunity for children to learn through their own inquiry. They will be asked to research an area linked to our history topic and produce a piece of work based on their research.

We will continue with setting a half term project for pupils to complete  This is usually a piece of homework that children enjoy completing with support from helpful family members as it is a larger piece and may include model making as well as research and sharing of knowledge.


Children should continue to read daily. If you are short of books to read at home please contact Miss Dunn and we can arrange books to be collected.

Pupils should be listened to by an adult at home at least 3 times a week and read daily.


Live PE will take place on a Monday afternoon. These are a great opprtunity for us to keep fit and have fun with our friends. After each PE session we take time for 10 minutes of yoga too. 


Live drumming lessons take place on a Thursday at2pm with our drumming teacher, Mark.


Live weekly art sessions take place on a Thursday and are led by Miss Smethurst. Miss Smethurst will introduce new skills and will set you a challenge each week to develop these skills.

This term we are looking at the artist Andy Warhol.

End of Key Stage 2 Tests:


SATs Test Paper

Home Learning:

Please see below websites to support home learning 

Useful Websites for Home Learning 

All Subjects 

BBC Bitesize

Year 5 Oak National Academy

Year 6 Oak National Academy

Home Learning Packs

Daily Time Table Ideas 

Classroom Secrets home learning timetable

Oak National Academy Year 5


Compare & Order Numbers


Mental Maths

Maths Learning Packs



WhiteRose Learning Pack

WhiteRose Learning Pack


Writing Activities

Writing Activities

Literacy Shed Activity Pack

Literacy Shed Activity Pack - Reading

Reading Activities



Storyhouse online sessions

Action Transport Theatre


Shang Dynasty

Mr Carter Rocks History

North America

Native Americans

Colonial America

American Revolution



North America

North America




Properties of Change

Separating Mixtures




Laws of Motion

Laws of Motion Glossary

Scalars & Vectors


Mass & Weight

Speed & Velocity


Simple Machines


The World of David Walliams

Audible - stories to listen to       (this is free currently) 


Literacy Shed

Epic App


Have a look at the poetry section on the school website



Online Safety


Music Games

Let's Sing


The Body Coach

10 Minute Wake-up and Shake-up


PE at Home


Anna Freud


Children's Guide to Covid 19


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