Year 4 2020 - 2021

Miss Pierce

I am pleased to take this opportunity to say welcome to Year 4! I have heard amazing things about everyone in this class, so I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

Mrs Birt

I enjoy working at Westminster and like to work with all classes on art projects and different activities as well as supporting learning in the Year 4 class.

Core subjects


Throughout the school we follow the ‘Power Maths’ approach, each session begins with a question to allow children time to discuss in pairs or small groups. These ideas are discussed as a whole class using teacher-led discussion. Children will be using visual representations to help them develop a deeper understanding of the concept. This approach also provides context to the real world and shows how maths is used in everyday life, which allows the children to see that the learning is purposeful.

This term, pupils will be looking at measurement, multiplication and division and fractions. There will be opportunities to build on prior knowledge from year 3 as well as address any gaps in learning.

The Year 4 multiplication test will take place in June 2021, to prepare; the pupils will be practicing in the classroom, accessing TTRS, chanting times tables and playing times table games. We are keen to get the pupils as confident as they can be with their times tables as this will not only prepare them fully for the test, but also help them throughout their school life. We ask that pupils are continuing this practice as home, going onto TTRS or finding other fun ways to learn them – here is a link to another good website for learning times tables


This term we will be following the Pathways to write English scheme that exposes the pupils to a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts that are accompanied by units of work which develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills through the mastery approach.

This half term, the children are looking at the fiction text 'Escape from Pompeii'. The children will use this as inspiration to write their own historical narrative about the destructive eruption of Mount Versuvius in AD79.


Throughout the year, we will be looking to use all 5 ways of being a scientist: research, observing over time, pattern seeking, identifying, grouping and classifying and fair and comparative testing.

To start this half term year 4 will be doing chemistry and will be learning all about states of matter! Take a look at our knowledge organiser to have a peek at the key learning pupils will be doing this half term.

History and Geography:

This half term our theme looks closely at the History of Ancient Rome and the legacy they left behind. We will be finding out about what daily life was like for a Roman, how the empire expanded and what Britain was like in the Iron age. Ancient Romans are also famous for their inventions such as the aqueduct and their mosaics. 

In geography we will be learning about the worlds volcanoes and mountain ranges. 


Year 4 weekly to do list:

  • Reading records and reading books brought in everyday.
  • Pupils should aim to be reading to you three times a week, please write this in their reading records.
  • One piece of homework to be completed each week – homework will be collected in on Wednesdays and given back out on a Friday.
  • Spellings to be practiced each week – I have uploaded a list of activities pupils can do to practice their spellings in different, interesting and fun ways!
  • PE kit must be worn on designated PE days, which will be Wednesday and Thursday. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop in and talk to me!

Home learning links! Week 4 timetable

Maths learning:

Click the following link to explore some of the maths learning we have been looking at (place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, graphs, rounding and estimating, problem solving and fractions). Please use the week 1 timetable as guidance for the maths sessions.

Place value 

Maths games 

Daily maths sessions. Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction Workbook

Length and Perimeter Workbook

Multiplication and Division Workbook

 English learning:

Take a look at the following link to have a look at fiction and non fiction texts, poems, grammar and punctuation.

Spelling games 

The text we will be looking during this term is 'Leon and The Place Between'. Please use the week 4 timetable document to find out what to do during each English session.


Fronted adverbails


Subordinating conjuctions



Expanded noun phrases

Possessive apostrophes


Bullet points



To brush up on your science knowledge:

The human body (digestive system and teeth)

Solids, liquids and gasses



Classroom Secrets home learning timetable


Who were the ancient Greeks? 

How did the Olympic games begin?

What was it like to live in an ancient Greek family?

Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes?

The ancient Greeks at war

What do we know about ancient Greek culture?



French revision and games.









Music games




Football skills



Home learning for this subject can be found in the files.



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