Year 1 2020 - 2021

Mrs Seaward

I have worked in Westminster for many years now and have taught all age groups. I am also a teacher Governor within our school. My favourite subject to teach is Maths. I am a mum of a little girl, and we love reading together, going on our bikes, walking in our local area of North Wales and going in our caravan.

Mrs Davenport

I have worked at Westminster Community Primary School since qualifying as a teacher in 2010 and have experience of teaching in years 1-6. Alongside my teaching role, I am also the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) - a role which I greatly enjoy and enables me to work with children and families across the school as well as working with a range of outside agencies. Please feel free to come and speak to me before or after school if there is anything you would like to ask or discuss.

Welcome to Year 1 2021-2022

This year we will be working on many new things, we will develop our independent skills, following instructions all through the year 1 curriculum. 

Home learning 

This page will be particularly useful if you find yourself in a position where your child needs to isolate owing to COVID. I have attached some learning to the files section of this page. You can work through these with your child and of course, you can email me if you have any questions or

yesWe do live lessons every morning at 10am. yes

You may want to do some Waffle work (class mascot) see the files at the bottom of the page. 

Useful websites for home learning


Maths Place value

Maths Place Value week 2

Maths Place Value week 3

Maths Place Value week 4

Maths . Number Addition and Subtraction yes  WEEK BEGINNING 4th Jan 2021

Maths Number Addition and Subtraction

Maths Number Addition and Subtraction

Maths Number Addition and Subtraction

Maths Number Addition and Subtraction

Maths Add and subtract with in 20 yes WEEK BEGINING 11th Jan 2021 (Do one of the video activities a day) 

Maths activities

Maths Place Value interactive games

Year 1 Maths Daily activities


English and Phonics activities

Phonics Phase 4 interactive games

Year 1 reading activities

Year 1 spelling

Oak Primary Year 1

Phonics Play - Phonics Games

Year 1 English Daily activities

We have been learning these sounds in our phonics sessions. Please watch the videos below and practice the sounds.

Miss Combes:

We have been learning these sounds as well as learning to blend CVC words orally.

Monday - Learning the sound: sh

Tuesday - Learning the sound: th

Wednesday - Learning the sound: ch

Thursday - Learning the sound: qu

Friday - Learning the sound: ng

Friday - Learning the sound: nk -  EXAMPLE OF LESSON AT THE BOTTOMOF THE PAGE

Word time

Lesson 1 - sound blending books


Mrs Seaward:

Monday - Reading the sound: ay

Spelling words containing the sound: ay

Tuesday - Reading the sound: ee

Spelling words containing the sound: ee

Wednesday - Reading the sound: igh

Spelling words containing the sound: igh

Thursday - Reading the sound: ow EXAMPLE OF THE LESSON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE

Spelling words containing the sound: ow

Friday - Reading the sound: oo (poo at the zoo)

Spelling words containing the sound: oo (poo at the zoo)

Red Words - Purple 1

Red Words - Purple 2

Phonics Practice and Games


Virtual Library

Click on this Virtual Library 


In science, we are going to be focusing on Materials. Throughout this unit, we will be looking at different materials in our school and at home. We will be describing them, guessing them and recognising what things are made from. We will also discuss and learn about Natural and Man-made materials, we will do sorting activities and experimants to find out which materials suit the best jobs.  All science lessons are uploaded to google classroom on a Tuesday with a range of different activities each week. 

Science Materials video

Science Materials Song

Science Plants

BBC Bitesize Materials

Science Seasons



Our artist this half term is Cezanne. Weset work each Thursday for you to complete. 

How To Draw a Cezanne still life

How To Draw A Creeper

How To Draw Funny Cupcake

PE (Physcal Education) 

GoNoodle Choice of sessions

Dough Disco


RE (Religious Education)

RE - we will be thinking about how the world was made and how we should look after it. Mrs Davenport sets RE on a Monday and these are uploaded to Google Classrooms

Creation Story BBC Bitesize

Christianity BBC Bitesize

Hindu Creation Story

Quran Stories for kids

Looking after our world.


History What do I know about the past and present? 

Our class title is ' What do I know about the past and present?' This work is set every Wednesday on Google Classroom.

Past and Present

Communication in the past


Understanding Me and My Place in the World (UMMPTW)

This subject is set each Friday and these activities will also be uploaded to Google classrooms. This terms theme is 'Who am I?'

Dotty and Buzz - Belonging

Dotty and Buzz - The wide world




BBC Lockdown Learning Educational Programmes

Classroom secrets Home learning



Spring Term

Wilberry - Favourites - Labrador (Yellow) Soft Toy 

Meet Waffle our class mascot. He is going to watch you learn and can't wait to see the work you send in. 


PhonicsRead Write Inc. Phonics: Desktop Speed Sounds Chart Pack of 10 ...

We teach children to read through daily phonics lessons. This half term we will begin to learn the sounds that single letters make and begin to write short words. We use the Read Write Inc scheme to teach phonics. I have added various helpful guides to the files section at the bottom of this class page.  

Read Write Inc - How to say the sounds

Read Write Inc - Parent Guide


Core Subjects

ENGLISHThe children will develop their skills in reading, writing, spelling , vocabulary, spoken language, grammar and punctuation. They will have access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Skills learnt during English will be utilised and enhanced in other curriculum areas. 

This half term we will be studying the book 


READING: It is so important to listen to your child read regularly at home and discuss the books they are reading to improve their fluency and comprehension. If you have any questions regarding your child's reading or their RWI book then do please pop in and speak to me. 


MATHSThe children will be developing their knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas: 

- counting to 50

- solving addition and subtraction word problems

- multiplication

We will continue to focus on number formation within maths lessons. We will also be completing reasoning and problem solving style questions that require explanations of why they believe something. 

It is extremely important that you support your child in learning mathematical facts and their number bonds to10 and 20. This will improve the speed and accuracy of their daily maths work. 


SCIENCEIn Science, we will be continuing to look at the four Seasons and observe changes across the Seasons throughout the year including weather and how the day length varies. We will also be looking at materials, identifying what is a material and what is an object and naming a range of materials physical properties.We will also be completing science experiments testing different materials which will be lots of fun!


Please read with your child at home as many times a week as you can.

Reading books and Homework books need to be in on a Wednesday. Your child will bring it home on a Friday.

Please also support them with their phonics, including their segmenting and blending of sounds.

Below is Autumn's Homework Grid. Please complete one a week. 

Phonics Screening 

In June this academic year, the year 1 children will be tested on their phonics knowledge. We will be practising for this all year, but your support at home will be greatfully received. Please find resources attached, including CVC alien words. Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 


PE Kit - Children need to arrive to school on Tuesday and Thursday wearing a FULL SCHOOL PE KIT. 

Reading books should be returned to school everyday. 

Water bottles - children must bring their own drink to school.

DO NOT allow your child to bring their own toys into school.

FOREST SCHOOLS Please bring wellingtons or old shoes so that they can be left in class for all possible events. We hope to access forest school on the field most Thursdays. 

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