World Book Day

Date: 2nd Mar 2017 @ 8:31pm

World Book Day in the reception class was a huge success today. 

We were greeted by Chicken Licken (Miss Dunn) Spot the Dog (Mrs DD) and Daisy the Cow (Miss Coombes)

All of the children were dressed as characters from their favourite book, some children dressed as characters from books relating to this terms books related to the  theme "farming".

The day started with a welcome circle, the children told their friends which character they were dressed as and spoke of their favourite book. 

The children then practiced the retelling  of our story Chicken Licken using actions. They even performed to Ms Finch and her guest.

After playtime the children from nursery and pre-school joined the reception class. They all worked together making characters from the book we are all reading Chicken Licken. 

After lunch the children spoke about the book reviews they will be writing, talking with their friends before writing helps to develop writing ideas and skills.

The nursery and pre-school joined the class again in the afternoon and they all continued to make characters from the story.

After we said goodbye to the nursery and pre-school children we went to year 3/4 to read with the older children. The day ended with a story read by Mrs Philips.

All of the children said they had really enjoyed the day.

World Book Day Awards

Books were awarded to the following children

Best costume - Frankie W

Most  improved reader - Amy P

For making the most progress and always working hard and following school rules - Lexi J


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