Special delivery

Date: 10th Mar 2017 @ 6:22pm

On Wednesday the children had a special delivery from Clucky Hens. The children are now the proud owners of 6 eggs which are safely being kept warm in an incubator. 

The eggs will hatch in 18-21 days. 

The children will be looking after the eggs until they hatch, they will then keep the chicks for a week after they have hatched.

At the moment they are safely tucked away in the incubator. In 8 days we will be able to see the eggs and keep a careful eye on them until they are ready to hatch.

Each day the children fill the water pot up which regulates the temperature.

The temperature is set at 37.5 degrees and the children are regularly checking the temperature stays at this.

keep your eye on our blog for further egg dates!


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